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Scope This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies the cold rolled steel sheet(hereafter referred to as "steel strip"). This Standard also applies to cut pieces of steel strip.
Normative references The standards given in attached table1 contain provisions which, through reference in this Standard, constitute provisions of this Standard. The most recent editions of the standards (including amendments) shall be applied.

Type symbols The steel strip shall be classified into 38 kinds and the type symbols shall be as given in table1.
Manufacturing method For the manufacturing method of steel strip, carry out cold rolling after hot rolling and allow it to be as cold rolled, or annealed after cold rolling.

All Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Series:

Table1 Type Symbols

Division Type symbol Division Type symbol Division Type symbol
Carbon steel S30CM Alloy tool steel SKS2M Manganese steel SMn438M
S35CM SKS5M   SMn443M
S40CM SKS51M    
S45CM SKS7M    
S50CM SKS81M    
S55CM SKS95M    
S60CM Chrome steel SCr420M    
S65CM SCr435M    
S70CM SCr440M    
S75CM Nickel chrome steel SNC415M    
Carbon tool steel SK120M(SK2M) SNC631M    
SK105M(SK3M) Nickel chrome molybdenum steel SNCM220M    
SK95M(SK4M) Chrome molybdenum steel SCM415M    
SK85M(SK5M) SCM435M    
SK75M(SK6M) Spring steel SUP6M    
SK65M(SK7M) SUP10M    

Remarks: The parentheses indicate the type symbols specified in the former edition of this JIS.
Information: SK75 and SK65M are scheduled to be eliminated in reviewing after five years.

Below is a list of some SAE-AISI designations for Steel (the xx in the last two digits indicate the carbon content in hundredths of a percent)

Carbon Steels
Illustration of effect of Carbon content on Steel Hardness
10xx Plain Carbon
11xx Resulfurized
12xx Resulfurized and rephosphorized
Manganese steels  
13xx Mn 1.75
Nickel steels  
23xx Ni 3.5
25xx Ni 5.0
Nickel Chromium Steels  
31xx Ni 1.25 Cr 0.65-0.80
32xx Ni 1.75 Cr 1.07
33xx Ni 3.50 Cr 1.50-1.57
34xx Ni 3.00 Cr 0.77
Chromium Molybdenum steels  
41xx Cr 0.50-0.95 Mo 0.12-0.30
Nickel Chromium Molybdenum steels  
43xx Ni 1.82 Cr 0.50-0.80 Mo 0.25
47xx Ni 1.05 Cr 0.45 Mo 0.20 - 0.35
86xx Ni 0.55 Cr 0.50 Mo 0.20
Nickel Molybdenum steels  
46xx Ni 0.85-1.82 Mo 0.20
48xx Ni 3.50 Mo 0.25
Chromium steels  
50xx Cr 0.27- 0.65
51xx Cr 0.80 - 1.05