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Alloy Tool Steel

Established in 1946, the alloy tool steel expert has been devoted to the operation of the tool & alloy steel for 21 yeats. To meet the customers' specific requirements in hardness, toughness and strength, we have been sparing no effort in selection best possible materials and implementing strict quality control. The Company has been taking the idea of precise technology and strict quality control as its service principle. Based on the idea, we are able to bring the best possible alloy tool steels to our customers under con-stant development in precise technology. It is ex-pected that, through our efforts. Our national industry may be led to a new bright milestone. has best hardware & software and classic quality in producing alloy tool steel.

Applications: (1) Cutting tools (2) Knives (3) Saw blades/Band swe blades (4) Wood saw blades
Type symbol: (1) SKS7(W) (2) SKS51 (3) SKS5
Specification: (1) Thickness 0.1m/m - 13m/m (2) Width 3m/m - 1220m/m

All Alloy Tool Steel Series:


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• Thickenss: 0.05 m/m - 3.0 m/m
• Width: 3 m/m - 300 m/m
• Material

Material: Alloy Tool Steel
Steel designation: JIS SKS2 SKS21 SKS3 SKS43 SKS5 SKS51 SKS7